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Anti Gazprom Longsleeve


Proceeds go to Ukraine

Gazprom Front Logo - I took the playful logo and gave it a dark undertone by making it red and adding a refinery to the logo. In addition, I added the Nordstream logo, remade in a darker light to remind people of one of the biggest controversies regarding the Western European pipelines to Russia. Gazprom is known for funding and sponsoring one of the most beloved football clubs in Russia, Zenit. They want Russians to look at them more positively, so I completely flipped their concept to spread awareness and send funds to Ukraine as a complete parody of everything they fundamentally represent.

Gazprom Back - Using the official Zenit font from the essential 08’ and 09’ seasons, I changed the colors to match the darkness of their actions. I showcase the founder Alexei Miller, owner of monopolies on natural resources in Russia and a close friend of Putin. 89 represents 1989, the year the Soviet Union fell and the beginning of Gazprom as a company. The 8 and 9 also represent the years of the football club fonts. The image shows two overlapped squares of an oil spill that happened due to Gazprom’s negligence and wicked practices. The overlapping images create the shape of the Russian flag with Alexei’s face transparently floating in the middle of the flag, showing his true ownership of Russia. A little oil rig is visible at the bottom of the flag design as well.