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White Anti Police Longsleeve


Police Long Sleeve (Front) includes four upside down police emblems, representing the complete backwards nature of these organizations (Гбдд, мвд, etc). They’re all notoriously known for their unnecessary stopping of civilians. The center piece is the Russian police logo turned into a Slavic cross, to represent how the government portrays religion and its dominance over the minds of ordinary Russians. The logos are intense and vibrant and saturated with color because of their embellished reality. The six figures are police personnel within the Russian police force. They are standing with a transparent Russian lottery ticket behind them (most of the police force has little education, and the military still has a draft).

Police Long-sleeve (Back) - on the back there are 5 upside down ranks, each representing different hierarchies within the police forces in the major cities in Russia. The concept is very similar to the front in the utilization of saturation and vibrance. The layer behind everything is a document, upside down, a police force acceptance letter. There is also a decent amount of Russian weapons used by the police, the head of the Russian militias, and an average pig like police officer. The same lottery ticket in the front is present, with a phrase that translates to, “Who wants to be a militia man?” The phrasing resembles “who wants to be a millionaire?” It is ironic, given that it is a gamble whether you’ll be forced into such a uniform lifestyle.

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